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Socks for Seniors OK



Socks for Seniors OK provides gifts, including but not limited to, socks for Senior Citizens who normally would not receive Holiday gifts. We do not discriminate as to age, sex, religion or race.


Socks for Seniors OK cause is to provide personal items for Senior citizens, most of whom are in underserved nursing homes at Christmas time. Many of these Seniors have no local family members or have limited interaction with their families. Socks for Seniors OK volunteers want to make these Seniors feel special and remembered by delivering, to the facilities, holiday gift bags which contain a pair of socks (the most needed item for most seniors in elder care facilities), and other personal care items, like toothbrushes, lip balm, hand soap, toiletries, lap blankets etc. These bags and their contents are assembled by Socks for Seniors volunteers in December each year. 

2024 Sock Drive

It's never too early to start preparations for 2024.  We are updating our gift list on Amazon (Socks for Seniors OK) for needed items.  The list will change throughout the year.


While we do appreciate product donations your donations to our PayPal account allows us to purchase items in bulk at better pricing


Socks for Seniors OK began in 2013 when founder, Sue McMillan and a friend, delivered gift bags containing socks to 127 Seniors at three area nursing homes. When Sue was told this would be the only gift received and saw the appreciation from the Seniors she reached out the following year to recruit volunteers and donations. She contacted businesses to display large Christmas stockings for donations of socks, wish list items and financial support.

Each year the numbers of Seniors and items have grown. Gifts now include socks, gloves, caps, scarves, lap blankets, toiletry items, activity books, pens, note cards and sometimes handmade items from the volunteers.

In 2017 the Norman Veterans Center and their Alzheimer Unit were added making a total of 29 Oklahoma City Metro Area Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities served.

In 2018 Socks for Seniors OK became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization allowing solicitation of tax-deductible donations. We are proud to be a 100% volunteer organization with over 10,000 hours donated.

The number of Seniors and Veterans that Socks for Seniors OK provides gifts to has stabilized to over 2,000 annually since 2019. We continued serving the Nursing Home, Assisted Living and homebound Seniors in the Oklahoma City Metro area, Kingfisher and Hennessey during the Covid shutdowns.

Socks for Seniors OK is able to continue our cause with grants and partnerships with local businesses along with generous donations of friends and family.   


for providing your facility to us for two weeks in December for the assembly our gift bags.


Socks for Seniors OK was able to assemble and deliver gift packages to a total of 2,361 Senior citizens (502 were Veterans) who are living in underserved nursing homes and assisted living facilities in December 2023. 


We are especially thankful for all the donations received from individuals and corporations along with the Grants that were awarded to us.

We are also grateful to our volunteers who helped us accomplish our goals.

2023 5-May Workday Volunteers.jpg

Socks for Seniors Oklahoma does not have any paid employees and does not discriminate as to age, sex, (except to specify which gifts are for men and women), religion, or race. 

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